What I am drinking now – Velton’s Bonsai blend.

What I am drinking now – Velton’s Bonsai blend.

I just got my first bag of Velton’s Bonsai blend.  This post is an initial reaction to it.  I think there should be a big distinction between a blog post about a coffee and a blog review about a coffee.  This is definitely the former.  If you are very lucky the first few pulls you make of a coffee will knock your socks off, but I can think of only one or two coffees ever that I pulled at home for which this was the case.  The classic example is Stumptown Hairbender, which may well be my favorite coffee, but which I did not like the first time I tried it – not just for the first shot, but the first pound.

This coffee will not fit the category of coffees I disliked at the start.  It was quite good.  It is a medium dark roast and my first two shots of it were quite pleasant.  They had full body and big chocolate notes.  These were not fruity or acidic shots at all.  I pulled them at a moderate temperature and moderate to slightly high dose (probably 201 degrees, 18gs for the first one and 200 degrees 17 grams for the second).

The shots were good.  If I was served them at a café I would be happy and if it was not a café that was already known to have good coffee I would be very happy.

The coffee as it stands in the first two shots is full bodied and booming, for it to be a great coffee I want to pull out some subtlety, too.  This will probably require lowering the temperature and the dose is my guess.

I also think the shots I pulled would be great in milk, so I will check that out this afternoon.  

The question ahead is can it go from very good to great?  I am optimistic as of now, but time will tell.

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