What I am drinking now – Paradise roaster’s Brazilian espresso blend.

What I am drinking now – Paradise roaster’s Brazilian espresso blend.  Interestingly enough I ordered this from Roaste and as I was looking to learn more about it I checked out the Paradise website.  While you can order it here it is out of stock on their website.  I do not know why this is true, but I am sure glad to have the option here!

I like this coffee, but I confess in this iteration I do not love it.  I have had it before and it was one of the better single origin espressos I have had.  I am probably a heathen because I tend to prefer blends to single origins, but this one was right up there the last time I ordered it (I think it might have been about a year ago).  

The paradise website says that they were looking for more brightness in the most recent version and they do indeed have just that, but I found it less balanced than the last time I had it. They also said that it was best as a straight shot and not in milk because it is too subtle and I expected that to be true between the delicate flavors and the lighter roast, but I thought it was still reasonably good in a small milk drink.  

I found that while the brew parameters for the Nuevo given by Paradise were not very close to how I liked it this shot was best for me fairly close to their recommended parameters.  I found 20 grams, around 200 degrees, and a 25 second shot to be the best balance without losing the distinctive fruit and brightness.

My very best shot of it was when I was switching from Nuevo to Brazil and got about half of each.  My wife stole part of my shot and described as one of her favorite shots in a long time.  Alas I am out of Nuevo or I would try to recreate this blend.


I also think it might be quite good as a drip coffee even though it is roasted for espresso so I will be trying that next.

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