What I am drinking now - Paradise Classico

What I am drinking now - Paradise Classico

I had recently ordered a bunch of Paradise blends from Roaste and enjoyed them all, but one of the ones I did not order was Paradise Classico.  This has always been a favorite for me, but I did not order it because I wanted to try a new blend or two and I was already ordering Nuevo – one of my wife’s favorites.  

I ran through all the coffee I had bought and so I had to grab something out of the freezer as I posted about here …


There was on small canning jar of Classico in my freezer and that was just about enough for two to three days and so I pulled it out and tapped into it today.

I pulled a 17.5 gram shot in a double basket at around 200 degrees.  It was fantastic.  The blend is a medium roast, perhaps slightly darker than other medium roasts, but not a dark roast.  The shot I pulled was loaded with chocolates and carmels.  It was creamy and full bodied.  It did not have much acidity or tons of fruit, but was not overpowering either.  

I did not get the lemony cedar notes as much as the notes above as well as the syrupy mouthfeel.  I think those notes might be pulled out at a slightly lower temperature.  On the other hand with this shot being as good as it was I am unlikely to try a different profile because here I am thirty minutes later still tasting the shot on my tongue and thinking how easy it will be to enthusiastically endorse this coffee.

Here are the components

•    10% India - CxR

•    10% El Salvador - Jocotillo

•    20% Guatemala - Ausoles

•    20% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (Washed)

•    40% Brazil - Safira

I think the Brazil and Guatamala dominates the taste up front and the Ethiopian is a subtle floral boost, which is a nice recipe for a good blend.

I’m just a little sad that I am about to run out!

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