What I'm Drinking today: Costa Rican Fruita as Espresso

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I was blogging about how much I enjoyed the Costa Rican Fruita De Oro, which is a wet processed coffee as an Aeropress brew here: 
http://www.roaste.com/CoffeeBlogs/sontondaman/What-Im-Drinking-Costa-Rican-Fruita-De-Oro . Yesterday and today I have been brewing and drinking this same coffee as espresso from my Pavoni Lever. Some of the parameter I have been adjusting was dose, grind and temperature on the Pavoni to achieve what I think was a very balanced and delicious shot this morning. 

Yesterday, I was pulling shots that was a bit too fast and the temperature on the Pavoni was being too low for this coffee. The resulting shot was not bad, but it was a bit too much acidity for my liking (thus lacking balance); I know that there would be people out there who like a lot of fruity acidity in their espresso would love these shots. But those shots were very sweet thus I know that this Costa Rican has great potentials once dialed in properly.  

Today, I'm keeping the dose of the coffee the same, 13 grams, but grinding quite a bit finer. On the espresso machine side, I'm flushing the grouphead of the Pavoni a bit more so that its temperature is hotter than the previous attempt. I comence to pulling the shot; there were firm resistance on the lever which tell me that the grind setting is good, the flow of the espresso that came out of the portafilter is thick, and honey like in consistency and tiger-striping is apperent.

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From the look of this espresso shot, I know I was in for a experience. I let the shot cool down a little bit (I'm not a big fan of burning my tongue) and sampled the nectar. It was really sweet, with soft cocoa taste, very controlled soft acidity (much like the brewed coffee from the aeropress), the acidity is fleeting but noticeble. The espresso shot is medium body but the taste does not linger long at all. I would say that this coffee is very "clean". The shot had great clarity and flavor and aroma are delineated nicely. It went nicely with a danish butter cookie. 

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Unfortunately, I'm not done yet with the plumbing in of my Nuova Simonelli Musica as well as the refurbishing of my Ponte Vecchio Lusso, otherwise I would really love to try this coffee on those machine to see how it does. But I will continue to pull shot and brew this excellent coffee. Costa Rica is becoming my favorite orgin for sure! 

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