What I'm Drinking (PT's - Sumatra, Wahana Estate)

This is the eleventh post on the coffees I’m working my way through. Up this time is PT Roaster’s Sumatra - WAHANA ESTATE - Natural.


PT’s has some cool looking bags. Valved, but kinda look like a simple brown paper bag. PT’s description is:

”A complex and full coffee that brings to mind deep red wine, with heavy, sweet notes balancing out into a spicy character. In the fragrance and aroma, dark cocoa and black pepper lie heavy over a soft berry or cherry like scent. In the cup, the sweetness opens up into dark cherry, blackberry, and hints of banana. The bakers chocolate deepens and the spice note hints slyly at clove.”


  • Bodum burr grinder on finest setting
  • Pre-heated Mypressi Twist V2.

Initially produced a ton of crema (almost like it was carbonated at first). Sweet taste although a bit less syrupy than some that I’ve had. The cocoa and a few fruity undertones. Nice clean finish. Overall, very good.

Aeropress (Mocha)

  • Bodum burr grinder on finest setting
  • 3 scoops Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder
  • 2% milk

Like the espresso this was sweet as well, but it has a bit more mellow composition. The flavors blend together very well with milk.


I liked this blend a lot. I’ve been a fan of PT’s for a while and decided to order this one since it didn’t have many reviews. I had coffee in hand two days after the roast date, and considering where I live that’s pretty impressive. If you’re looking for a good solid blend that is versatile, I recommend it.

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