What I'm Drinking (Olympia Coffee Roasting -Guatemala El Socorro Maracaturra)

This is the seventh post on the coffees I’m working my way through. Up this time is Olympia Coffee Roasting’s Guatemala El Socorro Maracaturra roast (I’m glad I can just write this and don’t have to pronounce it). Also this is the first espresso review I’m making (more on the Mypressi in a later blog post)!

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Snazzy valved bag as you can see. Olympia’s description is “Aromas of cedar and flowers open up into flavors of citrus, caramel, and spice.”


The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Mypressi Twist V2. Nice crema, extremely syrupy. Pretty good straight and brought a lot of sweetness to the table when used as a shot in milk (though it killed a lot of the flavor =/).


The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Aeropress. I brewed at ~190F. Extremely smooth mouth feel and quite a few different profiles going on (all good). I don’t know about the flowers, but I definitely get strong caramel and spice.

Aeropress (Mocha)

The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Aeropress (with 2% milk/Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder). Ok blend for a mocha, although I think the white chocolate/milk muted several of the profiles instead of enhancing them.


This was my first order from Olympia Coffee and although it’s a bit pricer than some it was a good experience. I’m not super impressed as a shot or when added to milk, but when brewed in the Aeropress as coffee a lot of good flavors emerge. In conclusion, If you’re a pourover or Aeropress kinda person, this is a great roast to try. If you’re into espresso it’s still good. If you’re into mochas and milk based drinks it’s ok, but you could do better.

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