What I'm Drinking (Klatch Coffee - Poizon)

This is the fourth post on the coffees I’m working my way through. This time it’s going to be Klatch’s limited edition blend Poizon (it’s no longer available,  but I thought I’d post my thoughts for the next time they offer it).

It comes in the standard Klatch bag, which is to say that it comes in a solid valved bag. It was a tad disappointing that they didn’t have some halloween imagery on it, but I’ll live.

Normally I’d discuss where this blend comes from, but I have no idea. Klatch’s funny (scary?) descriptions obscure all of that information. The description from the website has the following imagery: “notes of sweet tobacco, bittersweet chocolate, and that one flavor that keeps you coming back for more.”

This coffee was “ok.” To be clear, I didn’t care for it at all at first but I grew to appreciate it. This was one of those coffees that it took me a while to dial in the preparation.

Drip Coffee

The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed using a standard drip coffee maker (think one in the $12-$15 range). Worked out ok, I could taste the bittersweet chocolate overtones for sure, but it has a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste.

Aeropress (Coffee)

The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Aeropress. This is where it took me a while to figure out the variables. First off, I had to increase my brew temperature to closer to boiling, the cup was too weak at my usual 190F range. Also, I had to increase the brew time by about 30 seconds.

Aeropress (Mocha)

The beans were prepared using a burr grinder and brewed via Aeropress (with 1% milk/Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder). This is where the blend fell flat in my opinion, I just felt the taste with 2% milk didn’t work for me. Maybe something stronger like half and half would be better.

The Poizon blend isn’t a bad coffee by any means, and once I dialed in the method it’s a bold, interesting dark roast. While I didn’t personally like it as much as Klatch’s other offerings, the other people I served it to seemed to enjoy it.

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