What I'm Drinking (Jim's - Costa Rica La Amistad)

This is the twelfth post on the coffees I’m working my way through. Up this time is Costa Rica La Amistad Organic Coffee by Jim’s Organic Coffee.


Jim’s has a nice looking bag. It’s probably the most colorful one I’ve reviewed yet, and valved of course.

”Jim’s Organic Costa Rican La Amistad coffee is bright and sunny. Creating an even and smoothly textured brew, this Arabica coffee is roasted to a medium-light.”

Before we get into the review I want to add a caveat. This review is from a while back. There was an issue with shipping and so I ended up getting it outside it’s optimal brewing time. By the time I got it I was already drinking PT’s coffee and so it ended up being brewed almost a month after the roast time.



  • Bodum burr grinder on finest setting
  • Pre-heated Mypressi Twist V2.

Great taste, very good natural sweet taste. Considering the beans were a month roasted, it was pretty amazing. I tasted perhaps a bit of cocoa.


Aeropress (Mocha)

  • Bodum burr grinder on coarse (drip) setting
  • 3 scoops Ghirardelli White Chocolate Powder
  • 2% milk

Very good combination with the milk, produced a very tasty mocha.



I was worried about this one. I kinda assumed that I wouldn’t like it because it was so many weeks past the optimal time, but I was pleasantly surprised. If it’s even a little better than it was a month past it’s prime this is one of my favorite coffees of the year so far. As it was it was still pretty high up there. It looks like it’s out of stock on roaste right now, but if you get the chance I recommend it.

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