What I'm Drinking: Costa Rican Fruita De Oro

it had been about four days already of agony, because I have been having a bad canker sore inside my mouth that made enjoying hot cup of coffee or a hot shot of espresso imposible.  It is a very horrible feeling indeed to have available to me very good coffee yet I'm unable to enjoy them.Today, I'm recovering and it is possible again to enjoy coffee. To celebrate, I'm brewing myself a cup of coffee using the Aeropress. This would be my first post of the "what I'm drinking" category and I think I will do this more often. Because I'm roasting coffee quite often, these blogs will serve as a good roasting log for me so that I will be able to keep track of my roasting result, and in the progress, I hope it will become of use to Coffee Kind readers.

So what I'm drinking today is a nice Costa Rica Fruta De' Oro,  a high grown coffee (1500-1800 meters above sea level) and is of the arabica varietal and wet processed. This coffee was obtained in the green form from the coffee buying club about a year ago. It was roasted on Tuesday the 13th  and had several days to rest. The roast was relatively fast, medium roast (city++) with no sign of second crack; it is roasted using a home drum roaster, the Hottop.

The above is the picture of the Roasted coffee stored in the Mason jar, my favorite method of storage. Pardon the unintended self-portrait and the blurry phone picture.

A brief description from the cupper at the club is of the following: Fruity, apricot, blueberry and ginger background, after taste do not linger, wild acidity, balanced and everyday drinker's coffee, light and complex coffee.

The above description is what tempted me into buying this coffee (30 pounds of it in fact). I agree with most of the above description, but I find that it is less fruity than the name of the coffee might suggest. I also find it mildly nutty; and I agree that it is a very mild, clean, sweet and enjoyable coffee; the after-taste is very fleeting, it is there for a moment and then it gone, begging for the next sip. This is however, a coffee that should be drunk when it is still relatively hot or warm because it lose its good characteristic as the cup cool. By the way, the brewed coffee smelled absolutely amazing, rich floral aromatic, light nutty and milk chocolate I think.

Overall, I think it is a great coffee, I think I will coarsen the grind a little bit for the next cup of Aeropress. When my mouth recover fully, I will try this as espresso because I remember it used to pull excellent shot of Single Origin espresso. For those who are interested in Costa Rican coffee, Coffee Kind has a bunch of roasters offering different coffee from Costa Rica

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