What grind type should I buy for gourmet coffee?

What type of grind should you buy from ROASTe.com's roasters?

They've definitely made many types of grinds available-- whole bean, drip grind, espresso grind, fine, medium, etc. 

Here's my suggestion based on drinking over 100 different coffees so far this year:


Coffee beansWhy?  Because you'll be able to see the great quality of our vendors' coffee.  You'll be able to see very bean.

Because once coffee is ground it loses about 50% of its aroma in a couple of hours.  Vacuum pack bags delay that loss of aroma until you open the bag.  But from the time you've opened the bag, that loss starts.

But whole beans retain their peak flavor for about 14 days. That's about how long it will take the coffee to reach you from our roasters and be all brewed. 

Of course our roasters will accommodate many different types of grind.  But when I've spoken to coffee professionals who cup coffees as judges, roast for a living and buy beans from around the world, they pretty much agree:  buy whole beans.

Roasters are grinding the coffee to make life more convenient for you.   But if you want as much flavor as possible, go WHOLE BEAN.   Just purchase a grinder.  They're all good.  You'll gain much more flavor.

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