What foods are good with coffee?

Wine people talk about pairing different types of food with different types of wines for instances red wines like a merlot goes well with steak dinner or white wines goes well with seafood dishes. However, coffee enthusiasts general discuss less about the different types of food that can goes well with our coffee. Just today, I had a really good time having a slice of cheese cake with my cup of Americano made from a blend of Burrundi and Indonesian (Burundi was roasted to C++ while  the Indonesian is unintentionally roasted to FC). The smokiness from the americano complemented the sweetness and creaminess of the cheese cake quite well.

I have had good experience when pairing coffee with other food as well; for instance, I found french press or aeropress coffee goes quite well with  blueberry muffin or banana nut muffins. I also have had italian biscotti (forgot which kind, but it was the kind sold in Costco) with espresso and it was quite good, the biscotti is nutty and does quite well. However, I tend to drink my espresso quite quickly so it is hard to savor it with these kind of deserts. Additionally, I tend to not have coffee with desert that are really sweet as it can change the taste of teh coffee that I'm drinking (akin to putting sugar into coffee which I generally don't do).

I'm wondering what other food other coffee enthusiasts on here enjoy with their coffee? Please let me know! 

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