What do you do with the last beans of a bag?

I was just finishing up a wonderful pound of Vivace Vita this morning and have enough beans left for two double shots of espresso and a little more. I really hate to toss out good beans and I am not a big fan of mixing them up with the next bag of coffee unless it's the same blend. So after my first double shot this morning that I made into a delicious latte, I decided to make an americano.

However, instead of using the dose that I had been getting very good results with I succomb to trying to use up all my beans so I loosened the grind a little more, and dump the rest of the bag in my grinder and ground. Then filled up my basket leveled and tamped. Locked and loaded the portafilter, hit brew and.... nothing. Took about fifty seconds to get a scant ounce of espresso.

Since the coffee I had at the moment is only 3 days post roast, I decided to just buck up and drink what I made, which isn't too bad in the Americano just not as great as what I had been previously pulling.

This leaves me with the question; What do we do with those last 4-5 grams of coffee that are going to make your coffee a little too strong. I think next time I might just decide to toss the remainder, but it seems a little sacralegious to me to toss it but the alternatives are a little less tasty.I guess it might just be one of the downfalls of enjoying coffee that isn't in pod form.

On a different note I am very excited to try out Big Truck Espresso by Olympia Coffee Roasters, I had actually heard of them at a local shop that had them as their rotating roaster. However, I didn't get a change to try them, so it was nice to see them here on ROASTe. The tasting notes for it are, "a cup full of sweet chocolate, heavy with dence fruit and possessing a long clean finish." Sure sounds good to me!

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What's brewing?

Coffee Vivace Vita

Method Latté

Taste Best way I can describe the taste is that of a bottled Starbucks frappa, however I just used 2% milk and not a grain of sugar. Very delicious. 

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