What Do Organic Cotton, Hemp, Bamboo and Coffee Have in Common?

Another page has been written in the coffee recycling book, as a company in Taiwan has come up with a yarn using used coffee grounds. Lori Zimmer writes that this yarn is fabulous, as it not only resists odors but it also resists UV rays and dries quickly. Because of these benefits, it’s being ballyhooed as a perfect fabric for athletic clothes. We’ve seen how used coffee grounds have been used to absorb odor, such as that of a skunk, but not seem them in clothes as yet. There has been much discussion of recycling coffee in the garden, on the body and many other places. Who would have ever thought of wearing it? We’ve been wearing bamboo and hemp socks and clothes, so why not coffee? The process used is not disclosed, of course. We’re not given many details, such as the wash-ability of the fabric. Will washing the clothes made of the fabric turn the water in the wash machine into a super espresso? A web search failed to turn up more specifics. The company is doing further research to develop more ways to use the leftover grounds, but until they release the product we’ll be left to wonder about the details. What we CAN say is that we seem to be heading into a sustainable coffee omnipresent world. We’ll soon be able to get up each morning, put on our coffee clothing, enjoy our morning cup along with some produce grown in coffee fertilized soil and drive to work in our coffee-fueled cars. After work we can relax and enjoy a coffee facial or coffee massage while enjoying another cup of brew, and when necessary, clean our fireplace with used grounds. The list of uses of spent coffee grounds seems to be limited only by our imaginations. Brew on, because you’re not only making coffee to enjoy, but you’re providing the raw materials for a whole new world of “green” products. Related articles: http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/News/2011/06/09/Are-Coffee-Grounds-New-... http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/News/2011/03/06/It%E2%80%99s-Spring-and... http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/News/Grounds-Ashes-Recycling-Coffee-Gro... http://www.roaste.com/CafeRoaste/News/2011/05/02/Skunking-Incident-%E2%8...

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