What am I drinking now? I wish I knew.

What I am drinking now – aka what am I drinking now?  I would love to write a what I am drinking now post but alas I do not know the answer so I cannot do that. You might think this means I am off at some coffee shop drinking their blend and they just refuse to tell me what is in it as is sometimes the case, but in fact that is not the situation.  I am sitting at home drinking coffee that I pulled for myself.

Aha, it must mean that I am drinking a blend from a roaster who refuses to disclose the make up of the roast, but alas again that is not the situation either.   No, my situation is that  a good friend was kind enough to drop off two bags of very good coffee.  She did what I usually do and put them in canning jars so that she could keep half and I could have half.  In fact these were the very canning jars I had used to drop off some great coffee for her.  She had ordered two great roasts from two great vendors.  These coffees were ones that I have loved in the past and was looking forward to having, but had not had in many years.  The only catch was that I lost track of which jar was which coffee before ever pouring them in the grinder.  They both are slightly light roasts, but not exceedingly light roasts.  

When I put the beans next to each other on the counter the one on the right looks a little darker roasted.  This was helpful until I noticed that when I switched which one was on the right the one that was darker stayed on the right – I guess the light must not be as intense on one side as the other.

The net result is that I had a little harder time dialing in the coffees than usual because I did not know where to jump off from not knowing which they were, and that I have had to guess by taste which one is which.  I think I did this successfully, but since it has been years since I had either of them I cannot be sure.

All in all it has been fun and forced me to challenge some of my assumptions about coffees I claimed to know.  It makes me think  perhaps I should try this on purpose some time.                                                                       

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