What's wowing you?

I have had a lot of good coffee lately between the new lot of coffees that I have gotten from Mtn. Air Roasting Company and all of the others. And I have found that the amount of bad coffee that I have gotten so far this year is probably limited to two or three bags, however the amount of coffee that has wow'd me is probably even less.

So what I am wondering is; what coffees out there that have been wow'ing you?

I would say probably the only coffee I have had this year that really wow'd me was from Brown Coffee Company, the Edina microlot roasted for drip back in February. That coffee just in the bag smelled like it had been packed with sugar, and the resulting cup was pure salted caramel, just outstanding. I was floored.

After getting that early bag of coffee this year I have yet to come across anything else that has completely wow'd me like that. I would say the closest I have come to being wow'd since then is the set of coffees that I have gotten from AJ's here on Roaste. Again all of that coffee was very well roasted with nice balance between the sweetness of the roast and the acidity of the coffee.

However, now I am looking at what else is out that is going to completely floor me. So after almost half way through the year I turn to you guys, what is out that is worth trying that will knock my socks off? I will take anything you got, a sweet comforting roast that anyone who drinks coffee would kill for, or some crazy fruit bomb that tastes like a bag skittles was dumped into the coffee, anything.

My only constraint is as it is summer I would prefer something that is for brewed coffee, as turning on the espresso machine on some of these hot days is just not an option for me nor something that I would like to do.

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