What's In a Name? Favorite Coffee Drinks Explained

If you’re lying awake nights wondering what a macchiato is and how it’s different from a cappuccino, then read on. Gene Vann has compiled the meanings of most coffee shop menu drinks, so now you will know just what is in each. Maybe you’ll decide to try something new after you find out what the real differences are. Vann explains how espresso is made and then lists a few espresso drinks. He describes a Coffee Americano as an American drink which is ¼ espresso and ¾ hot water. The cappuccino is espresso mixed with steamed milk so that a milk foam is created on top. The caffé latte has the same espresso and milk, but in increased amounts and lacks the foamed top. The word macchiato means “stained” is also similar to a latte but with less milk and little or no foam. And of course, there’s the mocha which is a latte flavored with chocolate, topped with whipped cream and striped with thick chocolate syrup. Contrary to what many think, the word mocha does NOT mean chocolate, but rather is the name of a certain coffee bean. These are the major espresso drinks, but there are more. A ristretto is – like its name sounds – a restrained espresso. The shot is made with one half the amount of water, but the pull is at the same speed. Go into a shop and ask for a breve (bre-vay) and often the barista won’t know it. This is a “fat” cappuccino, as it’s made with half-&-half or cream instead of whole milk. And now for the sweet drinks – top a shot of espresso with whipped cream and call it an espresso con panna. Needing something rich and creamy with a little coffee thrown in? That would be a café crème- 1.5 oz of espresso with 1 oz heavy cream. If an alcoholic coffee drink is your cup of java, then by all means, you’ll love a café corretto –espresso that is “corrected” with a shot of brandy, cognac or liqueur. Café Romano is the unusual coffee drink, as it calls of a twist of lemon or lemon peel to be added to regular espresso. Now you’re ready to order great espresso drinks at your favorite coffee shop. Better yet, you could whip all of these up in your own kitchen, if you have an espresso machine. ROASTe happens to have a great coffee machine sale going on right now, if you can use one. Go to http://www.roaste.com/Coffee-Machines-Sale to find one now.

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