Welcome to ROASTe.com!

Today is a special day for us at ROASTe.com. After brewing for many months we are finally bringing the site up. Yes, it’s only a beta, and yes we only invite a few of our friends to begin with, but yet, we are going live. EXCITING!

ROASTe.com’s vision is neither coming from acute businessmen nor from fanatic coffee geeks…It’s a vision driven by need, the need of three coffee enthusiasts, for great coffee.

Great coffee is all about roasters using only the finest green beans, from around the world. It’s about locating America’s best roastmasters that know how to roast their beans to their peak. And most importantly it’s about choosing a coffee roast that matches your unique personal taste and buying it fresh from the roaster.

Our vision is one of a central coffee marketplace, where the best coffee products, from all over the U.S., could be found. Roasts, coffee makers, accessories, it would be all here and with the supporting information and reviews that would allow you to make quick and safe decisions, while experiencing great coffees.

But there is more to good coffee than just taste. This is best illustrated by the old Turkish adage: A single cup of coffee can spark a friendship that lasts for 40 years. Coffee is a social product that is consumed often with friends and family. Coffee sparks conversations, and so ROASTe.com has also social capabilities to facilitate this. We are hoping to become a small humble extension of your social network, when it comes to coffee.

As we go live, we are proud to feature eight of America’s best coffee roasters: Caffé D’arte, Paradise Roasters, Ecco Caffe, Jim's Organic Coffee, Chazzano Coffee, SilverCup Coffee, Flat Black Coffee, and Iron Brew. ROASTe.com is not about us, it’s about these passionate roasters and about you, the coffee lovers. Let’s have fun and lots of great coffee!

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