Weighing Your Options: Why Using a Scale Improves Your Coffee Routine

At first, you might think that using a scale to measure out your coffee beans each day is a tedious and time-consuming process. However, incorporating a scale into your regular routine will actually cut down the time it takes you to brew the perfect cup of coffee, and ensure that you consistently get the perfect cup every time. Estimating and guessing how much coffee and how much water to use each day will only end up leading you down a road of inconsistency and frustration. Here are a few ways that will absolutely convince you to use a scale in your everyday coffee routine.

Weight offers precision

Simply put, weight is a better measurement than volume. You might use a “heaping tablespoon” one morning, and then the next morning you can’t possibly replicate the same measurement because there is no accuracy in that measurement. Using a scale, you can weigh out exactly the same amount of coffee each morning, which will bring you closer to the perfect cup.

Ratios are key

Ratios are everything when brewing coffee. You need to find a balanced ratio that meets your preference, such as 1 part coffee and 16 parts water, then stick to this ratio each time you brew a cup. Use your scale to weigh out both coffee and water to make sure you have the correct ratio every morning.

Improving your method

For manual brewing methods, you can set everything up on the scale after weighing and grinding the beans, then zero it out. Pour the water in until you hit your goal. After using the scale in this manner a few times, it becomes completely routine, and in no time you will be brewing the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Now that you know all the remarkable benefits of using a scale, there’s no going back. Try out the Hario Pour Over Scale and Timer and make your life, and your coffee, infinitely better.

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