Watch Jesse's Tricks To the Song "Coffee"

There are coffee songs popping up from classical to modern musical venues. One such song, by Josh Woodward, is a cute song by itself, but it’s made 100 times more enjoyable when coupled with the high-energy antics of Jesse, the rising star on the Jack Russell scene. Jesse speaks to my heart and love of coffee because of his obvious intellect and joy de vivre. He clearly loves coffee and the ability it gives him to perform one of the largest portfolios of tricks I’ve ever seen a dog pull off (and that’s more than just his owner’s socks and shoes.)

Thanks to "Jesse's Person" Heather for giving me her permission to bring Jesse’s performance to Josh Woodward’s song “Coffee” to my ROASTe blog. (See more of Josh at )

To all Jack Russells out there, enjoy Jesse, but beware, he sets the bar high for other JRT’s in the tricks and performance categories. See more of him and his tricks at his website:

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