Want some Kona Coffee? Go to Jack-in-the-Box.

I think it is rather unforunate that to me all Kona Coffee means is this stuff at Jack-in-the-Box and I would suspect that it's becoming increasingly that way. It seems that all it takes is a little bit of Kona Coffee in a blend to be able to call it a Kona blend. Now I suppose there are a lot of different grades of coffee that come from Kona just like any part of the world, but I think they really need to do something to protect themselves.

This whole thought really came about today as I was tooling around on internet looking at the presidential nominee race, and found this article in the Huffington Post. It seems like there are some Kona farmers that are wanting to increase the percentage of Kona coffee that must be in a blend to be considered Kona coffee. This sounds like it should be a good idea that it might be able to get rid of things like Jack in the Box blend from up there.

The problem is I believe I read this before, and I did here on Coffee Kind by Shawn Steiman that piece was written in 2009, it's 2012 now. It seems like this could be something that is always introduced to be voted on in State Congress, but never actually get done, like more funding for schools and saving puppies + kittens. It seems like it is something that we must demand as consumers.

While the voting for the state labeling laws may never happen, it does seems like something is actually getting done finally with this movement.

"In August, Safeway agreed to change the label on packages of Kona coffee blend sold in mainland stores in response to concerns from the Kona farmers that it didn't provide information about what percentage of the famous bean it contains. The company also agreed to begin selling 100 percent Kona coffee in northern and southern California starting this year."

I live in Northern California, so the next time I am at a Safeway I will have to check it out and see if this is actually happening at Safeway. I would be pretty impressed if I could find a hundred percent Kona coffee.

This whole scuttle just shows that we have to look at what we are buying, I don't think we really need to be worried about it here, this is more something that I think we should pass on to our friends and family that are probably not as savvy coffee buyers. More information is always better.

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