Walkure German Coffee Machine

Seattle Coffee Gear posted a review some time ago about this little-known coffee-maker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cLLCgSc1Tgo

I only know of a couple of companies that import this: SCG and Heart Roasters of Portland.

I've had coffee from the machine and have used it (don't own one myself).

Taste-wise, it's most similar to a Hario woodneck/cloth drip-pot. More body, less clarity than a paper-filtered cup. Maintenance is much easier with this than with a cloth dripper however: everything is ceramic, so with a good soap rinse all the parts will be clean for the next go around. Keeping cloth clean, on the other hand, can be quite a chore. Still, nohing beats paper for ease-of-maintenance.

The most interesting thing about the device is the dispersion screen. So while the machine is expensive, you don't need to have a special gooseneck kettle (like a Buono or Takahiro) to make it work ideally. The dispersion screen minimizes agitation by itself, so you can pour from any old kettle without over-agitating the grounds. So that's a plus.

The filter is ceramic and does let through some sediment. Not major. Cleaner than a KONE.

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