Visiting Flat Black Coffee in Boston

As soon as I stepped in the door at Flat Black's Dorchester branch in Boston, I immediately realized that these guys are very serious in what they are doing. The shiny red roasting machine at the back is used to roast the great variety of fresh coffee from around the globe - Brazil, Australia, Panama, Sumatra, Java … you name it.

Flat Black Coffee

And the best thing is that right ahead you can find all these great fresh roasted coffee on the shelf - just pick it up and you have it to brew at home and enjoy the tastes of your favorite coffee.

Of course you can have a great cup of coffee in the coffee shop, choosing from the three "Daily Brew Choice" drip coffees (which were Brazilian, Ethiopian & Javanese that day).  Or you can have a great espresso-based coffee (which is a blended fresh roasted coffee).

As I am more an Espresso guy, I enjoyed a great cup of cappuccino, which was very tasty, balanced and … just perfect. I took my cup of coffee off the bar to the nearest table to the large window, to enjoy a beautiful afternoon watching the quite neighborhood of  Dorchester.

Flat Black Coffee

As I said before, Flat Black owners are very serious about coffee. From a short conversation with David House(Flat Black's co-owner), I could tell the extensive experience he has roasting these special single-origin coffees from around the world.  He talked about how he coaxes unique flavors and aroma from each coffee.   Roaster / co-owner David says that many single origin coffees will still taste acidic when roasted medium.  So he often roasts darker to reach a deeper flavor in many of his single-origins. As far as I could smell, every different coffee had an amazing and unique aroma ...

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