Vintage Senseo Pod Adapter from Presto

Presto MyPod 09402 - Senseo Coffee Machine Pod holder

It might be a stretch to consider the Presto MyPod 09402 to be a vintage piece but the fast paced and rapidly changing single serve coffee world this Senseo Adapter from Presto is definitely an old school item. Right now the best bet for finding one of these is by searching the online auction sites.  These come up for sale often enough for around $10 - $12 shipped. Some I see are new, but most of the ones available for sale are pieces that have been lightly used.

This adapter will make a decent cup of coffee in the Senseo 7810 pod brewer if a little care is taken. Step one is to first find a great fresh coffee right here on ROASTe. Next, I grind fine (between espresso and drip) since this adapter has a paper filter disc that goes between the coffee grounds and the bottom of the filter basket.  I am careful not to over fill the adapter, and I do not tamp the grounds.  With my older model Senseo 7810 I use the  single cup 4 - 5 fl oz setting for a smaller but more robust cup.

For those who are familiar with the Senseo, you know how nice the crema looks (similar to what you can expect from a pressurized portafilter espresso machine) that is produced by this machine. Well, sadly the crema is lost when using this adapter. In exchange for this missing visual treat, the strength and body in the cup increases. Thankfully this increase in mouth feel comes without any sediment to muddy the bright coffee notes the Senseo machine brings out so well with it's high brewing temps and short extraction time.

If you use a Senseo this is a nice alternative to stuffing a home made pod that might or might not allow for a good seal around the brew head gasket/pod tray junction and will certainly impart a hint of undesirable flavor from the excess filter paper. Presto still sells the small paper filter discs in packs of 100 for a buck and change plus shipping.  This product is recommended for the Senseo owner looking for a well designed adapter made for brewing fine quality fresh ground whole bean coffee like the fine selections available here on ROASTe.

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