Velton's Panama Boquete Mama Cata

I really enjoy Velton's for the fact that he is always updating the coffees he has, and getting in a wide variety of coffees. So about two weeks ago when he updated with a new list of a few single origins, one of them being this Panama Boquete Mama Cata.

It was actually pretty hard to pick this one out among the others he had, but there were a few things that really pushed me towards getting this coffee. The main thing being that it was noted this coffee was good as a drip or espresso. I really appreciate a coffee that can do well in multiple preperations, and it didn't hurt that it was mentioned he only had 50 lbs of this coffee.

So the limited nature of this single origin was too tempting.

I really enjoyed this coffee, unfortunately I was having some grinder troubles at the time and couldn't really get a good handle on this coffee as an espresso. It did happen, but it was when I was almost out as I got the issue resolved.

But as a drip I really enjoyed this coffee as a pour over in a Haio V60. I brewed it this way quite a few times, brewing it was a water to coffee ratio of 1 ox water to 2 grams coffee. This even using a paper filter should off the substantial body of the coffee, and those deep dark mulling spices, reminded me of the holidays. You know gave a little bit of spiciness to the brew.

I also made it as an auto-drip and I brew it typically much light as auto drip using only 1 ox to 1 gram. After a few days of rest it was fairly sweet and a little bit of spice.

The espresso, I was only able to do this a few times with shots that I liked. I used a 16.5 gram dose, and made them in small drinks. I was able to get what tasted like a nice chocolate taste to it and was very enjoyable. The coffee was able to punch through the milk very well.

Overall, a good coffee, lot of nice holiday spices.

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