Using the twist

The mypressi twist is a portable espresso machine that is perfect for travel because it is so small and easy to tote with you (if you can find a hand grinder or convenient sized grinder for travel, too.)

The twist can be bought on here…

This post is on the basics of how it works.  It is a solid feeling piece of metal that is basically like an oversized portafilter.

Inside the handle of the twist is hidden a gas cartridge.  This powers the machine instead of electricity, so they are essential and they last for roughly 4 shots.  They aren’t cheap if you buy them one at a time, but never fear you can buy them in bulk on Roaste here…

This breaks down to about 16 cents a shot.  If you figure the Silvia is about $700 that gives you over three thousand shots before you break even and that is assuming the Silvia uses no electricity, so if you pull a few shots a day we can call this machine a true bargain.

Now how do you use it?

First heat water to just off the boil.  Use some of this water to preheat your cup and to preheat the twist’s small water tank.

Grind your coffee and place it in the basket like you would for any espresso machine.        

Slip the basket into the handle of the twist.

Pour the water out of your cup and out of the small tank.

Refill the tank with water for the espresso.

The tank twists onto the top of the basket easily (as long as you start with the alignment marks aligned).

Now hold the twist over top of your cup and pull the trigger.

Espresso should extract in what looks like almost the exact same manner as out of any good espresso machine.

Release the trigger when you are happy with the shot and it starts to blond.

It sometimes continues to drizzle so you may want to have another cup to transfer it to.

Now you just have to drink your espresso and rinse off all the parts of the twist – clean up is easy (but don't dump out the gasket like I did on my last shot or it won' t work on the next one - I learned that the hard way)! 

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