User Review of the Grindenstein Knockbox

One of the most underestimated tool in our home barista arsenal must be a knockbox; however, you do not really know how valuable a knockbox is until you don't have it. It is essentially a very simple design, a bin with a bar across it so you can wack your portafilter to dislodge the spent puck. I have used the Grindenstein knockbox for about two years and I feel like it is time I can give it a little review. 

First of all, this knockbox look kinda cool and comes in many different color, red, black, or silver...etc, but the one I have is red. The rubber bar is cover in rubber so that when you knock the portafilter against it, it would not damage the portafilter. The bottom of the knockbox also have a ring of rubber so that it does not slide around on the counter top. 

The biggest positive about the Grindenstein knockbox is that it is very durable. After more than two years of continuous usage, multiple time everyday, my Grindestein knockbox still look like new. The rubber bar which is the part of the knockbox that took a lot of beating is still intact. Additionally, it is very easy to empty and wash the knockbox. The one thing that people might complain about the Grindenstein is its size; it look very small and seem like it would not hold a lot of pucks in it. In my opinion, this size limitation is actually a good thing for the home barista; most of the time at home level usage, the Grindenstein knockbox can hold a day worth of puck and at the end of the day, you are forced to empty it and wash it; this is good because it will force you to keep the knockbox clean, I can testify that if you do not empty the knockbox daily, you will end up with a moldy knockbox. 

Finally, the price of the Grindenstein is very affordable, I have not seen Roaste offering it here but you can get it from Amazon for $15 shipped which I think is a great deal for something that is going to last forever!

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