Turning Coffee into Wine

It might take awhile before it hits your town, but there’s a new coffee treat on the horizon, coming from the Philippines. Actually, it doesn’t have to hit your grocery shelves or CoffeeKind’s shelves, as you can actually make it yourself from your own coffee grounds. Those who have a background in winemaking have an advantage, but the directions for this newest drink are available on the web.

What does winemaking have to do with coffee? The best of both worlds meet in coffee wine. Coffee wine is bottled commercially in the Philippines by a municipality located north of Manila in coffee farming country. The town’s mayor reports that their coffee wine is being sold in the local markets and so far the initial reactions are very favorable. Coffee drinkers love it. Even though local demand for coffee exceeds supply in this coffee-producing nation, the mayor was happy to see additional income for his farmers from the new product.

Since the government planted more coffee trees, the supply may soon catch up to the demand. Like rice wine and strawberry wine, coffee wine is created through a fermentation procedure. One website with a fairly easy recipe is http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/request110.asp. As long as you can get tannin, “yeast nutrient” and Sauterne yeast, you’ll be in good shape to ferment some coffee wine. It only takes about six months, so patience is required. As far as taste, the mayor commented that their coffee wine is “aromatic, a wine which tastes just like a brewed coffee, smooth and with a taste of elegance”.

Wine from coffee is just another one of the growing uses for the fascinating coffee bean. Alcohol in coffee makes a growing number of delicious drinks, as bartenders stretch their imaginations. However, fermenting coffee into wine is so much more than just combining the two mixtures. Wine that “tastes just like a brewed coffee” is an enticing concept, begging to be tried. Do you think it will exhibit winey notes? Speaking of “winey”, below are some coffees that express winey undernotes.

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