Tonx Colombia Piramide Reserva

Tonx Coffee is headed by a couple of long-time coffee professionals. They're currently based in Los Angeles, and their goal is to locate small lots of very good coffee, quickly construct a good roast profile, and ship the beans out fresh to their subscribers. They offer a 6 oz biweekly and a 12 oz biweekly plan, in either regular or decaf.

This past week I had their Colombia Piramide Reserva, which I believe is or was a "Grand Cru" coffee also offered by Stumptown for something like $25 a pound. It shows great commitment to quality on Tonx's part to (1) source this coffee (2) offer it at a much lower price ($19 per bag, including shipping, on their 12 oz plan).

Tasting notes say "sweet and balanced" with flavor *like* tamarind, clove, orange crush soda, crisp apple. I like the *like* there. Notes are essentially similes, and I hate when notes are written as metaphors. Metaphors promise too much.

I received this coffee less than 24 hours after roast, and I knew better than to brew it right away. Of course I brewed it right away. It was predictably roasty with a peek of coffee fruit coming through. It tasted like fresh Starbucks--speculation--which isn't a bad thing.

After the roast settled down, a nice floral element came through, and a pleasantly sweet-sour sensation sort of like tamarind. Nice coffee!

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