To Brew or Not To Brew, That Was the Question

Those of you who are experiencing sweltering summer temperatures might understand the quandary facing the staff of the courthouse in Syracuse recently. The 90 to 100 plus temperatures were straining the electrical system, as one can imagine all the air conditioners were running full speed ahead. The Syracuse News reported that to deal with this drain, the governor sent out a directive asking for energy reductions in state offices. There was confusion over whether this was for one or two days, but basically the offices were asked to turn off lights, and forgo the use of personal appliances. Coffee makers were listed as an example. So on the second day, as courthouse employees had already endured one coffee-deprived day, the big question on everyone’s mind was: do we or don’t we brew? After being told "yes they could" only to be followed with a “hold the pots” command, the answer finally came through that a second day of reduced power use meant no coffee. There are a couple of thoughts that come up about these facts. For one thing, if it’s so hot, why is everyone concerned about HOT coffee? If they read the ROASTe site, they would know that it’s very easy to brew cool with delicious aromatic results. So why stress over the forbidden brewing of hot coffee? Another question arises as to how they’re dealing with the lack of lights and other amenities. It’s the coffee dilemma that looms large over the Syracuse courthouse, not the fact they have to work in reduced light. They must REALLY love their office brew in the Syracuse courthouse. With the high temperatures in much of the country, at the risk of being redundant, please brew cool and save the power for the AC’s and computers. The coffee with be much more refreshing and still delicious.

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