this mornings coffee continues to delight.

Some of my blog posts are instructional, these are more just impressions of today's coffees as I continue to mix it up (quite literally).

This is day two of my experiment with my wife’s brewed coffee blend.  I blogged yesterday about mixing together some Velton’s Bonsai blend together with Caffe Pronto’s Ethiopian  Yirgacheffe Kochere District Coffee blend.  I did not want to make the same mistake I made yesterday, so today I made her the coffee and before giving it to her I snuck a few sips!  I could see exactly why she liked it.  It continued to have all the distinctive flavors of the Caffe Pronto, but was a bit roastier  due to the darker roast of the Bonsai Blend.  I mixed the two coffees half and half this time and I liked it quite a bit, but my wife liked it better the time before when I had probably put in more of the Bonsai Blend and a little less of the Caffe Pronto.  This makes sense because she likes the notes of the Caffe Pronto, but just prefers a coffee that is darker roasted and the fifty fifty blend still tasted like a bit of a lighter roast.  Tomorrow I will make it closer to seventy five percent Bonsai for her.

The other thing I will, of course, have to try is just making the Bonsai Blend straight.  It will taste very different but I think that just as Caffe Pronto is quite good by itself the Bonsai Blend will be, too.  It continues to pull very nice shots of espresso at 14.5 grams for me.  I split a shot this morning making half of it into a cappuccino and half into a straight shot and both were quite enjoyable.  The shot stands up very well to milk.  I think it is probably at its peak right now.  The next espresso trick I want to try with it is pulling it on my lever since some coffees translate well to the lever and some do not.  If you listen closely you may hear the gurgling sounds of a lever heating up in the background right now (but levers are quiet enough that you will have to listen quite closely!

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