This is not what I had in mind.

This is not what I had in mind.

I have had a busy week or two and thought I would finally get a chance to make a few shots of espresso instead of a single shot as I sprint out the door because I was going to be able to stay home a few hours later today.

I went to bed imagining how much fun those shots would be in the morning and deciding which coffees I was going to pull since I had just gotten a few new bags of coffee in.  Then it hit – some nasty flu like bug that has your stomach upset, your limbs aching and other unspeakable pains.  

I spent my night watching reruns of Frazier and other sit coms trying to close my eyes and just listen and make it to morning. 

As a brief aside, I must say that when Frazier tries to be a coffee snob he misses the mark in my book – talking about his amazing Starbucks coffee that he covets.  Perhaps that is perfect though in that they want to cast him as more about image sometimes than substance and that fits the bill here.

Anyway, it struck me as cruelly ironic that on the day I had been so looking forward to drinking delicious beverages out of my espresso cups instead they were used, but the only thing they were used for was shots of things like “tylenol cold and flu”

Perhaps it is also a bit sad that the most productive thing I salvaged out of the day was this blog entry.

On the bright side my 4 year old insisted on buying me flowers to make me feel better and it worked.  She also did a great job of tucking me in sometimes with every blanket she could find in the house.  There is no question the day was not a total loss.

Here is hoping tomorrow those cups get used for actual coffee instead!

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