This Blonde is not that fun.

So I had a Starbucks card burning a hole in my pocket that was given to me and after seeing that Starbucks released a new roast today, Blonde. I couldn't help myself I decided to get a cup of coffee out this evening.

The coffee was okay, nothing that will change anyones mind about Starbucks, just think of a slightly lighter brighter cup of coffee. What I mean by brighter is something not so dominated by the roast, like Mc Donald's coffee. Really once you add that with one of their heated pre-packaged sandwiches it might as well be.

I guess I should have expected this is what they were going to but I had some hope that Starbucks might as some point try to get back people who really enjoy coffee, they have an incredible platform. Instead they are going after something else instead.

That something else according to this writer from the Chicago Tribune is targeting the Dunkin' Donuts and 7-Eleven crowd, sounds pretty promising to me. I guess as having Starbucks as my gateway into coffee it's sad; like seeing your favorite band playing to a half empty club or releasing a bad album for the fifth time.

There were however some pretty funny little quotes from the above mentioned Chicago Tribune writer where I think he was trying to poke a little fun at Starbucks and the person from the company he talked with see below;

"A coffee for the non-coffee drinker," said Rahn. 

It's a coffee that could be consumed without cream or sugar, although
everyone in our group, including Rahn, agreed we weren't ready to go
there yet.

I would have preferred more coffee flavor.

So a coffee without coffee flavor that is for the non-coffee drinker! Yay just what I was looking for! Anyway if you want to try it for yourself Starbucks is giving away free samples Thursday through Saturday of this week, wish I would've waited because it's one less bottle of water I will get there while I am out.

If you want a nice coffee I would suggest looking at Deep Cello's High Jump or Velton's Treehouse both are going to be a lot funner than that Blonde.

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