Third Wave Camping Tools Not To Leave Home Without

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Going camping doesn’t meant going without your favorite specialty coffee.

To many outdoor-lovers, the start of summer brings on the urge to get outdoors and get free of the comforts of home in exchange for the comforts of the woods, mountains or beach. The idea of roughing it suddenly excites that adventurous spirit within. For many of us, the highpoint and foremost memory is that of the awesome aromas of the morning’s first coffee wafting through the campground. Now, with ROASTe’s amazing travel collection, you can enjoy not just cowboy coffee, but real espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and the best-tasting regular coffee ever made around the campfire.

We have more than one portable take-anywhere espresso maker.

•    my Pressi TWIST V2 is just one of the newest revolutionary espresso makers, as its state-of-the-art hand-held method needs no pumping, priming or compressing to make shot after shot of perfect espresso from fresh ground coffee. The secret is the standard recyclable 8gm N20 cartridge which provides the perfect pressure.

•    The Handpresso WILD is for those who like more involvement with the espresso technique, as it works by high pressure extraction as set by the user. The E.S.E. pods mean perfect espresso and crema with every shot and pre-measured convenience. The Handpresso WILD comes in its own stylish bag with cups  and thermo-insulated flask.

•    The AeroPress espresso and coffee maker is an innovative portable coffee maker using the French press method. It brews as many as four cups in less than a minute. The result is a cup that contains some of the richest, purest and smoothest coffee or espresso ever made on–the-go. So light and easy to pack you’ll never want to be without it.

•    Chazzano's 2-Cup Travel Press is similar in that it makes a luscious cup of coffee in about 45 seconds by the French press method. This unit brings out all the wonderful flavors of your specialty ground coffee and can be made on-the-go as easily as 1-2-press!

•    Bialetti Moka Express Stovetop Coffee Maker appeals to those who like to hear the gurgling of the water as it goes through the grounds to extract the delicious flavors of your favorite coffee. Made over the campfire or on a gas stove, the aroma produced by the Moka can’t be beat. We have Mokas in a variety of sizes for every campfire need.

•    Stovetop Cappuccino Maker can create a perfect creamy cappuccino and all it needs is a stove top of some kind. This heavy 18/10 stainless steel stovetop steamer is 8” high and has a bakelite handle and knob. It also will froth cappuccinos, lattes, or chai teas to perfection! Picture it on your camp stove.

•    The Phin filter of stainless steel is a 4-part drip brewer popular throughout SE Asia. It can be used to brew hot coffee or drip brewed coffee over cracked ice. Either way the result is delicious drip-brewed coffee. A gravity insert in the center holds the grounds in place. Available in several sizes.

And those all-important accessories…

•    Drinking Tumbler with Sip Lid allows you to pour in your fresh coffee and protect it with a sip lid that lets you enjoy your brew while protecting from spills. This one is a generous 16 oz. size that’s perfect for the drive to the campground.

•    The Mug Hug is a flexible silicone lid that fits medium sized mugs and transforms regular mugs into travel mugs. The silicone provides for a tight fit that helps prevent spilling and it’s easy to sip through. Designed like the disposable lid from coffee shops, it makes your favorite mug more versatile while saving paper from the use of disposables.

•    The mypressi Micro Burner is ideal for the campsite because it will heat your water for coffee when you don’t have a campfire and don’t want to light up the stove. It will quickly heat enough water for two shots of espresso. It comes with its own stand and can be re-filled with any butane-type lighter re-filler.

These are just some of the wonderful camping products ROASTe features. Any of these will add to your camping experience. After all, it’s that aroma without which no camping trip will be complete. Not only that, but these items are so upgraded they’re sure to conversation items with other campers.

Have a wonderful camping summer!

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