The Upgrade

Yesterday I talked about my coffee learning experience thus far: Education through going to coffee shops, drinking and asking questions. Eventually, I also bought a Rancilio Silvia and Cunil Tranquillo to keep on learning and expand my repertoire. As I also mentioned, I am now in the process (near the end) of upgrading from the Silvia and Cunil. I just recently  purchased a used Expobar Brewtus IV-R and a Baratza Vario is on its way to my home. There were some close guesses, in fact one commenter (yeahyeah) even guessed a double boilers and Vario-W. That is really close!

Of course, with upgrades come problems. Sadly, the new setup won't fit where I had the Silvia and Cunil, so the solution is building a custom coffee stand that can house everything I need and is close enough to a water source so I can plumb in the Brewtus, but more on the custom stand in another post.

Unfortunately, I haven't had a lot of time with the Brewtus because work has been too demanding, then I found a buyer for the Cunil Tranquillo grinder, so I really can't do much until the Vario arrives. That said, the little I have done with the Brewtus has been an absolute pleasure. No more temperature surfing, more even extraction and much easier steaming. While I haven't had the machine long enough to write a proper review, I am thus far very happy with the machine. So, at a later date, I hope to write a more in depth review.

In the mean time, I am working on plumbing in the machine and waiting until I have the Vario grinder because being grinderless while the Brewtus begs to be used is a pain! So, excitement and anticipation still reigns supreme.

To all those who guessed I would be going super auto. No way!

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