The Tassimo Latte

So you’re in a mood for a latte but too busy to go out to Starbucks (which is terrible anyway) so you think: “hey, maybe I’ll head over to the break room, see if this new-fangled Tassimo gadget will make me one of those lattes!” So you go to the break room, you put a t-disk or two through the machine and get some “espresso” then you stick in a disk filled with “milk” and get some “foam” and there you go: a perfect latte!

Ok, not really, just to follow up on my earlier post regarding the Tassimo system I thought I would actually run over to the machine and make myself a latte. This way my memory of just how good or bad the final product turns out is fresh (unlike the beans used to make it! Zing!).

So here I am, drinking something which is almost like but completely different from a real latte from a real café. The problem is, if every individual component is worse than what you might expect from something you would get in a professional setting why would you expect all the components together to be anything but sub-par?

One thing I forgot to mention in my review of the Lavazza Espresso Pointe: the machine has a steam arm! Even if you are cheating to get your espresso, you can at the very least steam up some milk and get some darned good micro-foam! This is way, way ahead of anything you can do with a vacuum sealed t-disk.

Sigh, this latte is pretty terrible. I mean, I’m still going to drink it, since despite liking good coffee and being kind of persnickety when it comes to preparing it at home I clearly have no standards when it comes to easily available (and best of all free!) coffee at work.

Cinnamon Doughnut coffee anyone?

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