The T1 is here!

The T1 is here.  It is here!  The truck driver called me up and chatted about if the truck the machine was on would fit in my neighborhood’s puny streets – we decided it would not.  

I met them at a near by parking lot where we could back the truck up to our car.  I was concerned about how big the palate might be, but the machine was strapped to a plate, but not encased in it – just sitting on top of a huge palate.  

The machine was in one of the sturdiest boxes I have ever seen.  There was a small dent in one side and I decided I needed to make sure that it was not damaged since the instructions are explicit that you should refuse delivery if the machine is damaged in shipment.  I, however, could not get through the box to see with my hands because it was so tough.  If I had a too with me that would not have been a problem, but as I said I met them off in a random parking lot near my house and hadn’t thought to bring a box cutter.  

/files/u2065/packed_elektra.jpg" width="500" height="335" />

No worries, though as the box had done its job and the minor dent did not get inside.

I got the machine home and my wife and I carried it inside.  We took the box apart, which was no small task to reveal a very pretty, very large machine.  The lucky thing is after looking at it for a while I forgot how big it was.  It would look crazy in my kitchen, but on its own cart the scale is fine – you do not have a tiny toaster to compare it to, for example.  More importantly, my wife is thrilled to have my machine off her kitchen counter and she does not mind the scale of it all.  

/files/u2065/unpacked_elektra.jpg" width="335" height="500" />

Then came the three day wait to get it plumbed in wired, etc.  That ended and I will write about that soon.  (Although with work, holidays, relatives, etc, it has taken me a week even to write just this post so hopefully the next one won’t take that long.


ps for those that wanted a Turducken photo, it is finally up...

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