The making of a Cappuccino: a Video


I have been wanting to post a video on the making of a cappuccino and since it is summer break for me and I have some time away from school, here it is!  My technique is not perfect and I do not claim to be a great baraista. However, to me the cappuccino taste really good.  For those who do not already know, the machine I'm using to build the drink is the Nuova Simonelli Musica which is available for your purchase right here on Coffee Kind.

My technique is rather simple and good equiptment does make it quite easy:

  • warm up the cup if it is not already hot, I use the hot water tap to do this (be careful and not burn yourself, the hot water tap can spatter boiling hot water!)
  • clean portafilter if you must.
  • Grind and distribute your coffee. This is where having a grinder like the Vario makes life easy!
  • Tamp, not teribly important but be consistent about it
  • extract your coffee
  • while the extraction is happening you could also steam the milk at the same time if you have an HX machine or a double boiler; however, here I chose to pay close attention to the shot and steam later, no big deal!
  • Pour the coffee into your favorite design!
  • The whole process take about 2-3 minutes then you can enjoy your the fruit of your labor!

Note: I don't remember what beans i used for this however, some coffee are better with milk. With that said, I need to test out the two Vivace blends that I have resting! 

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