The Magical Mystery Organic Coffee Tour: A Coffee Subscription Service

A conversation was recently overheard in the coffee aisle of a large supermarket. Two ladies were contemplating the choices of coffees, whether to buy conventional products or organic coffees.  They were wondering if organic coffee was actually any better health or taste-wise than regular coffee. “So many coffees, so little time… It would be nice if someone would lay all the facts out in front of us so we could better choose. I hate to spend all my time doing the research.”

As a ROASTe customer, though the array of choice is so much greater than at the most bountiful market, you don’t have to do all the research. We’ve done some of it for you……and one way we help is through our tours.

ROASTe‘s Travel Service offers expeditions that take you to places of which you may never have heard. These tours involve the richness of the coffee world, a world of variety and depth that is made somewhat daunting because of the complex interplay of bean variety to habitat, roasting schedules and treatments, whether or not chemicals are used in the growing, and other factors. For example, the whole issue of organic verses non-organic may be confusing - even more so when the concept is a tour of organic coffees. How does one undertake a tour of organic coffee?

ROASTe’s coffee tours are a different breed of tour. We take a specific interest, such as organic coffees, decaf coffees, African or Latin American coffees, Espressos ……and select only those, thereby narrowing the field of choice. If you concentrate on only the organic ones, for example, the selection becomes more manageable, as ROASTe’s tour spotlights only a few of over 200 organic coffee offerings

Once a tour is chosen, and several choices look intriguing, the ROASTe customer can choose favorites and establish a subscription that includes the chosen coffees. That way, the coffees are delivered at regular specified intervals and the chances of running out, or forgetting to order, are avoided.

So the “tour” is really a subscription planned to help ROASTe customers save time and effort by choosing coffees to be delivered on a regular schedule. The schedule is flexible and can be changed or cancelled at any time.

ROASTe’s Organic Coffee Tour has selected organic coffee offerings from around the world. Why organic coffee? Generally, many health-conscious consumers prefer organic foods in their diet as much as possible.  By definition, organic plants are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides. When foods are cultivated without chemicals, they seem to have better taste and last longer. Chemicals may help to eliminate a lot of pests and diseases that challenge plants, but not without exacting a high price in quality, taste and damage to the environment.

Though it has not been unequivocally proven that organic foods are necessary for good health, it cannot be argued that chemicals can be used without harm to the earth. Not only do the chemicals affect the coffee plant and its beans, for example, but those chemicals never completely break down. We’ve found that they eventually enter our drinking water supply. They also harm the health of the farm workers applying the chemicals. If the chemicals are aerial sprayed, they can affect the health of all the inhabitants of the sprayed area. So organic coffee can be additionally enjoyed not only due to better taste, but with the knowledge that the earth which nourished it was not damaged and the water supply nearby, and for miles downstream, was not affected.

So sit back and enjoy a tour, a tour of ROASTe’s organic coffee choices. Don’t worry about the budget- no ticket purchase is needed! You also need not worry about going out in the cold to buy your coffee, as the tour will come right to your door, with the fresh selections you make. What can get easier than that?

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