The joy of!

The joy of!  I have always dreamed about the Elektra T1 as my favorite espresso machine and the one I wished I could have.  I confess I have never even seen one before, but I have always loved all the Elektra machines I have used and this is supposed to be the king of them.  It is essentially my Elektra Semiautomatica on steroids.  When I bought the Semi about two years ago I had been looking for a T1, but could not find one under $4,000 and that put it way out of my price range.  

For some deranged reason when I was looking for machines back then I thought perhaps I could find a gently used one for a fraction of that, but it did not happen.  On the other hand I did find a brand new Semi that had been unused, but on display and was a fraction of its normal cost and I took it.  I’ve loved the Semi, but never stopped dreaming about the T1.  When I saw an email from Roaste a few months back that EricBNC had used ebeans to buy an espresso machine I thought it would be fun to try.

I started blogging and had a great time doing it and the ebeans started to add up, but I still didn't dream I could ever get enough ebeans to buy a $4,500 Elektra even if Roaste did sell them.  Then amazingly enough T1’s went on sale because (the distributor of the machine who also happens to sell through Roaste) brought in a large batch at a great price.  At $2,995 and with quite a few ebeans already in tow it was no longer a crazy idea to get a T1.  

I called Roaste and asked if they would sell the T1 and they said they would get back to me.  Two days later they confirmed they could sell them and a couple days after that they appeared on the website.   I jumped at the chance to place an order.

I did not get the machine for free, but it was not much more than a Rancilio Silvia goes for (and quite a bit less than I’d expect my well loved Semiautomatica to sell for used - so in that sense it does end up being free since I will not keep the old machine once I get this one).  

Thanks to Roaste for getting me the machine of my dreams for a price I still can’t believe.

It should get here any day now – I’ll keep you posted.

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