The Hunt for the Espresso Bean

Espresso is like Golf. There is never a perfect game. Golf is how well you can handle and recover from your arrant shots . I guess Golf is a lot like life. I think people like the pursuit of the perfect cup. I think I like it because number 1 I love coffee. But not just coffee. I love espresso. I drink mine in hot water "Cafe Americano". I have not developed a taste for straight espresso. I also have sweetener and cream. I guess I could add that to straight espresso couldn't I?

But I do like it when I have a cup I can still taste for a while after I am through with my cup. I am too looking for an affordable perfect supplier that pervides me with consistant supreme satisfaction for my budget. My favorite has been PT's La Bella Vita Espresso but it is expensive and their shipping costs are high. So I am still searching. I tried Klatch's World's Best Espresso and it was good just more expensive than PT's. I tried Vivace Espresso Dolce but it was not that much better than Lavazza Tierra. So I have ordered some Black Cat to try. I will order some ECCO from here next. Any other suggestions?

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