The Gold Standard by Swiss Gold

With the recent re-discovery of pour over coffee that has happened over the last couple years in the coffee culture a substantial bit of thought and discussion goes on with regard to filters. Paper filters tend to get the least amount of love from what I read since permanent filters allow the flavor rich coffee oils into the cup instead of being trapped as they are when brewing with paper filters. 

Much of the recent conversation centers around the Coava Kone since it is one of the first successful permanent filter designs that can be used with the Chemex pour over manual brewer and the Hario style round body manual pour  over drip cones. The design might work in a traditional vee cone shaped filter holder for manual pour over but I suspect it would be awkward. Using the Coava Kone in place of a cone shaped paper filter in a standard ten or twelve cup drip auto drip brewer is out of the question since it would not fit.

Thank goodness for the SwissGold permanent filter. For drip brewing the Swiss Gold vee shaped permanent filter retains more sediment which provides a cleaner tasting cup of coffee than the other ones I have that came with various coffee machines.  The pore design for this filter is superior and the tiny amount of sediment left in the bottom of the cup is very fine provided your grinder does not make a lot of dust in the first place. Although these are available here on ROASTe in the retail SwissGold packaging, these can sometimes be found with Starbuck's and Krups logos embossed along side the SwissGold logo.

This fine product seems to be left out of the conversations about manual pour over though. Has vee shaped cone pour over brewing style fallen out of favor then?  If so, look for this to be a temporary trend since the cups I get from a simple Beehive or Melitta vee shaped filter cone mated with my SwissGold filter is as flavorful a cup as you are likely to find.

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