The Evolving Coffee

I think one of the things that really drives Deep Cello is that coffee allows us to experience other places, climates and cultures.  I think the move over the past five years towards single origin estate coffees is indicative of this trend.  Because we purchase small and microlot coffees to mix into our blends, we are thereby required to keep evolving our roasts and reblending and testing.  It concerned us at first that this would mean that we might not be able to provide consistent coffees.  But what we learned is that coffee is really a living product, a statement of the land and the culture, the weather, the creative act of blending itself.   That our roasts evolve keeps these blends, Nostromo, High Jump, Black Tie, and Black Tie Decaf, from ever just being a canned coffee mundane experience. Thats our view.  What do you think?

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