The (Dis)loyalty Card

We’re all familiar with the idea and concept of a customer loyalty card. You get rewarded by visiting the same shop day after day and eventually earn yourself a free drink. The problem with this concept is that you end up in a routine, getting the same items time after time. What if instead you were rewarded for mixing it up and trying new things? Well, I read this article today and I thought that this was a pretty cool idea.

At first it was surprising to me that they actually got eight independent cafes to agree to it, but then I started thinking about it. Sure you’re listed with seven of your competitors, but that just means you bring your “A" game. After all none of those listed are big chains (which is good for the local guys, who hopefully have those chains beat in terms of service and taste), but you also get a chance to wow customers away from their current favorite local cafe. If you’re a confident owner, what better way is there to show up your competition? It’s a pretty strong compliment to your craft, if at the end of the eight punches, the customer shows up for the free drink at your cafe (and then keeps showing up).

The idea really seems to be win-win for both customers and small businesses. I’d like to see similar projects take off. I’d really like to see something similar for those of us who mostly buy online. It’d be cool if could put something together like this. Though the logistics might be difficult. Maybe a sampler of 5 different blends from different roasters. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, right?

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