The daily grind

I started using hand grinders due to their cost to performance ratio compared to those more expensive electronic grinders. I've had a new Zassenhaus, a Hario Skerton, a Hario Slim and most recently an Orphan Espresso Lido hand grinder. They all had their benefits and drawbacks. The Zassenhaus was my first experience with a hand grinder and I used it for both drip and espresso. The grinder was ok but the ergonomics weren't for me. Additionally, the grinder adjustment knob had a tendency to slip and it was tough to get the grind out of the wooden drawer. The grinder was good for a bit but I soon passed it on to a friend.


I currently still have both Hario grinders and the Lido. I find the two Hario grinders good for what I use them for but they still have quirks I didn't appreciate. The larger Skerton was nice to grind for drip and had nice ergonomics. Over time though, the plastic bushing at the top of the grinder began to deteriorate. The Skerton still works great after three years as my work grinder. The Slim I purchased on a whim just to try out. It's a nice grinder that I've used for drip and also with my Mypressi Twist. It works well too but the grind adjustment is a little finicky. Also, the top handle is not my favorite. It tends to flop off sometimes when I grind more vigorously. This grinder is my backup espresso grinder for when the power goes out.


I've only had the Lido for a few weeks but it's definitely my favorite. Built extremely well and of quality metal parts. I've only used it for drip/immersion brewing but I've read of others who've used it for espresso. I plan on trying it for that purpose soon. There are only a few things I'd like improved on the Lido. Taking the handle off is a little bit of a pain as it threads onto the shaft that holds the lower burr. So as you grind and meet the resistance from beans the handle tightens. After a few weeks of work though the handle does come off fairly easily after each grind session. As the only person who drinks coffee in my house I'd also like the ability to get a Lido that's half the height of the current offering. It'd make the grinder a little more travel friendly. I might actually attempt this mod myself after a little more planning. Those are the only improvements I could see that would make me happier with the Lido. I'll continue using it for drip. For espresso though, maybe only once in awhile. I sometimes make 3-5 shots of espresso during any given session and I just don't have the time to crank out that much coffee by hand.

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