The Coffee Wars

It's so funny that people really get worked up about all sorts of things, I happened to be looking through a few online fourms this afternoon that I frequent and encountered a particular discussion that had kind of turned a little nasty. Basically people talking about what was needed to make good espresso, and really after something like a Gaggia Classic and a decent grinder like Baratza Preciso or similar machines I am not sure how much you are getting. I think a lot of it is just consistency.

In the process of just getting a good laugh from this I found this YouTube video about the Coffee Wars of San Francisco I should warn that this is probably not work or child safe because of language;


I found it funny because sometimes even looking at these blogs on Roaste people take themselves far too seriously about what is needed or required for good coffee. You only need fresh beans and hot water, everything else is relative and based on taste. Heck a good flavored coffee is not that bad either and I think a lot of people that buy from here would agree with me.

At the end of the day we just need to do what we enjoy and if you are not bothering anyone else then by all means go for it. However, if the person you live with gets bothered by your egg nog flavored coffee perhaps you should think about buying the syurp to add post brew just to be nice.

This is really just aimed more at those of us that treat coffee as a hobby to loosen up a little bit and realize this is just coffee.

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