The Coffee I’m drinking-Brazil Fazenda Rainha

I normally don’t order any coffee that doesn’t have any reviews on them. I guess that’s because I am playing safe. It would be a torture to finish a bag of coffee you don’t really like and it’s a huge waste to throw them away. However, recently I have managed to put on a few orders on coffee without review on them. And one of them really got my attention. It is the Brazil Fazenda Rainha from Klatch’s coffee.

As usual, the coffee delivery from Klatch was super speedy. This is actually an extra order from my usual order, an unexpected one; Because I placed an order on another (less-known) roaster and there is no tracking update for almost 3 days. I was worried about running out of coffee. And I knew I can count on Klatch as their coffees usually arrive 2-3 days max. So I went ahead and place that order. A big thumb up for Klatch!

The description from Klatch says,

“From the 1st place producer of 2011 Brazil Cup of Excellence, Fazenda Rainha (Queen Farm), displays a balanced cup of mild acidity and creamy mouthfeel. A floral chocolate aroma, flavors of mild orange citrus and subtle peach stonefruit followed by sweet notes of caramel in the aftertaste.”

Recently I have been drinking a lot of espressi, and very rarely brewed coffee. So, most of this Brazil Fazenda actually were pulled as straight shot in my Cremina. The Oscar was up and running already, but the shots weren’t as good as Cremina especially for this single origin.

The Parameter: I bumped the usual dosage up by 1g to a 13g double in my Cremina double basket. The reason being the coffee actually has less volume given the same dose as other coffee. I pulled this coffee on the medium hot side (Sorry, no exact measurement) using the temperature strip. For this coffee, I find that grinding with Mazzer Major actually made it a tad more enjoyable shot than using the Pharos. This is probably because of the flat burrs really bring out the chocolate base nicely with loads of caramel in this coffee.

The end result: The body was great, and there were tons of nuances I couldn’t describe. The main characteristic of the coffee was actually very sweet, almost like coconut candy(if you have had that before), with the right amount of citrus-liked brightness. The aftertaste is also a pleasant one, nothing offensive and leaves you wanting for more. In addition, I’ve tasted/picked up something unique about this coffee from the others. There is this salty caramel sensation in the mid tasting. I know my taste description does not resemble the Klatch’s description very closely. But who cares? It’s a damn good batch of SO coffee. Unfortunately, I am running out of it soon. Left about 3 oz in the freezer. Definitely will be missing it.

All in all, I really recommend you guys to give this a try. The price is cheap too as compared to other coffees.(11.95 for 12oz) Great taste for a great price, with speedy delivery from Klatch. What else do you wish for more? 

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