The caffeine headache.

For two whole days, I have not ingested any form of caffeine.  The result has been similar to that of Elaine in Seinfeld after she swore off, umm, "intimacy" to win a bet.  I feel as though a fog has set in and my brain is operating at half speed. This is the dark side of the coffee bean (clearly an uneven roast).

I'm not avoiding caffeine, though. In fact, my malaise had blinded me to the fact that I had forgotten my daily espresso.  A number of odd coincidences have prevented me from firing up the ol' HX and brewing up a demitasse full of syrupy black gold.  Two days ago, I woke up extra early for a meeting and assured myself I'd grab a cup at a nearby cafe, but I ran late. 

Then, the meeting ran over and I had a decision to make between a falafel or Starbucks Coffee.  Ugh, I took the falafel and I don't regret it (more so because falafels are delicious). Yesterday, I forgot to set my alarm and woke up late.  I had to forgo coffee altogether.  Moreover, I was forced to choose between the falafel and Starbucks once more.  I gotta say... there's something about chick peas that do it for me.

Anyway, as bad as my headache feels right now and as much as I'm lacking in productivity, I'm missing my morning ritual even more.  During the process of grinding, distributing, and performing cooling flushes, I'm planning out my day and life in general. I feel relaxed and the coffee assists in making me feel alert. All in all, it's a wonderful way to start the day.  Hopefully, tomorrow is different.

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