The Bunn My Cafe Pod Brewer

The Bunn My Cafe is one of the best all around pod brewers on the market.  The unit allows for an excellent water temperature of 200 F from the stainless steel boiler.  The cup size is adjustable from 4 oz to 12 oz, but the sweet spot for most 10g pods is 7oz.  The pod holder tray accommodates any size pod except the ESE type. I like being able to add water from the front with a sliding lid - it is easy to spill water on the rear fill pod brewers. 

The build quality is excellent.  This brewer is quite a bit heavier than the average coffee maker. This a commercial unit in name and in feel.  The unit offers pulsed brewing with the "tea" setting button.  This setting provides the best extraction from most pods.  

You are probably asking yourself "What would I want with a pod brewer?"  - This is ROASTe after all.  Here is where it gets good for the whole bean, grind and brew crowd:  Making your own "pod" with a 1 to 4 cup super cheap basket filter is easy and only takes about 10 seconds.

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This is a great way to compare several different types of coffee quickly without brewing a pot of each.  This unit is fast too - 30 seconds later you have a cup of strong, hot coffee.  The extraction is decent.  A pour over or press will have a fuller mouth feel, but auto drip will not be a huge improvement. Brewing with dark roast coffee will resemble auto drip while brewing with lighter roasts accentuates the floral/citrus/sweet notes but the body will not achieve the fullness a pour over can deliver.

The price sets a pretty high barrier to entry for most home users, and the appearance is a bit odd (even with the cool blue light that shines when brewing!), and many purists would not consider this type of unit at any price.  I enjoy the efficiency (fast – no wasted half pots in the morning) and variety.  If one person desires decaf and the other wants Blueberry Fields Forever coffee, neither needs to compromise.  In a minute or two everyone is happy.  

 Get yours here on ROASTe:



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