The best coffee in the US for 85% less than a Starbucks Latte

Considering how much gourmet coffee I go through, I've calculated how inexpensive it is.

Would you believe that you can brew at home the best coffees in America for over 85% less than a latte at Starbucks?  That's just 40 cents a cup.

Coffee During the DepressionCompare that with your typical $3 latte at Starbucks featuring over roasted beans. 

I'm talking about Paradise Roasters, Zoka Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee -- the best roasters in the US. A pound of even the best coffee is about $17, tops.  If you're using one scoop per cup of coffee, you'll get just over 41 cups of coffee per pound.  A little math and you get....about 40 cents per cup of coffee.

Not to get too outlandish, but if you did this daily for a year you'd save nearly $1,000 versus going to Starbucks. 

Now I understand why so many people are switching to brew at home.  You can have a great cup of coffee and it's much much less expensive than going to Starbucks.

I'll skip the ambiance any day in order to have a better cup of coffee, in the comfort of my own home or office, and save almost $1,000 a year! 

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