The Art and Science of Roasting

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"Coffee roasting," as the saying goes, "is part art and part science." The coffee bean is, after all, an organism pried from the soil, dried, shipped, and poured into the numerous roasting mechanisms the world around. As such, it reacts in a unique way with the right blend of art and science. With science, subtle variations or consistency can be attained. With art,the roaster can create a variety of tastes, aromas, and nuances for an entirely different experience. It certainly does take the right coffees to ensure your beverage of choice meets the highest standards of aroma, flavor, and satisfaction.

Coffee reacts in the roaster in a predictable manner and the science involved allows the roaster to achieve different variations with the same bean or, with training and knowledge, consistent results regardless of the operations size. If 300 kilos of beans hit your machine or 300 grams, the basic science is the same. This allows small batch roasters to focus on the art of roasting and achieve  superior quality.

If the science of coffee roasting is the path, then the art is the ability to wander around a bit and still arrive at the desired destination. This is where the roaster is afforded ample room to explore what each coffee bean has to offer. The art can play a defining roll in what pours into your cup. The complexity involved in mastering this art is due to the nature of the coffee bean. The bean itself isnot a product that enjoys being hurried. An experienced roaster can determine the precise path to take to ensure the beans are roasted to perfection.

At Red Barn Coffee Roasters, we aim for the delicious and unique combination of science and art with every batch we roast.


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